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From Cotton Picking To Dream Weaving
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Learn how I went from Cotton Picking to Dream Weaving

Doris Hughes Green grew up within norms we can barely imagine today but still in some parts of the world, a truthful existence. Her experiences have been wild, but she managed to see life through the glasses of love. 

Throughout her life-experiences, she defined her authenticity within her purpose. All the lessons she mastered made her achievements a success. 

Even when things are not how they appear, she learned and saw it from different perspectives, and this is why she is building a better future for the less fortunate as well as for her beloved Carlos. 

It is impressive and inspiring how she made it from the cotton field to build her growing business. 

Her experience is one opportunity away. 

Purchase her book for new beginnings or donate into the Carlos Foundation, which would be gratefully appreciated to plant the Schools of Learning Seeds. 

Thank you for trusting in her VISION!''

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