My Real-Life Miracle! by Doris Hughes Green

I didn't know he was a special needs child until nine months after he was born. I found out something was wrong with my baby because he wasn't sitting up and as a young mother with her first child, I didn't know what to expect. A group of Jehovah Witnesses stopped by my house to offer a Bible Study with me and I accepted, soon after, they noticed Carlos' behavior and insisted I take him to the doctor.


So I did and found out he was born brain-damaged, diagnosed as cerebral palsy. As a young single woman who just moved from Mississippi, uneducated and green, I became a heartbroken mommy who had just discovered her baby wasn't like most babies. However, I knew God had sent those Witnesses to my door to save me from doing something stupid. It took time for me to accept Carlos' diagnosis and accept the fact that he would need my care for the rest of his life.


I learned that being the mother of a special needs child requires a lot of work because I have to do everything for him but he loves me dearly for taking care of him, especially when people come around and can see through Carlos' loud sounds that say he's happy. Because he knows his mother takes care of him and keeps him safe, it creates a special spiritual connection, which resulted in a miracle back in April 2012.


It was Easter Sunday, when God healed Carlos at the age of 32, and he spoke a complete sentence for the first time ever! A miracle from my God because up to that time he had only answered any of my questions with “I don't know,” so I took a few minutes to realize I had heard his sweet voice speak for the first time, which changed my life! It caused me to realize that Carlos is part of my ministry to show the world the real love of God, and when I heard his voice for the first time, I went to praising God for healing my baby (I call Carlos, my baby because I take care of him like a baby). Just as Jesus did when he walked the earth healing the blind and raising the dead, and after all these years, he's talking even more!


When I say, "I love you Carlos," he whispers back in my ear, "I love you," and it sounds like he sings it to me. Yet, I hear him clearly and it melts my heart every time because I know that one day he will speak clearly and hold a conversation with me. That would make me ohso happy! Just knowing why God gave him to me, which has resulted in giving me a mission to change the world into a happy place through such things as my radio ministry. Emphasizing weekly my message of  "New Beginnings," and the company I founded and serve as CEO of Divine Divas Ministries LLC, composed of women on a mission to change this world.


We are helping others to know the real love of God (men are welcome to work with us too) and I know when Carlos converses, it will change lives because I know how it feels when he speaks some sentences and sounds, like when he told me once at church that something was bothering him, and my fellow parishioners prayed for him and the next day, he said, " mom," and he's been calling me mom, ever since. That surprised me and I love to hear him call me mom, for it took him many years to get out that one word, so wow! I know that once God performs a miracle, more miracles are coming. Carlos is my gift from God and the love of my life.

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